Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beachin' It With My Boy ~

Today was anything but boring for us!!!
We left early this morning to take MD to SSI for the week to vacation with a friend!
We could NOT go to the beach and not spend some time on the beach, so we packed up our stuff and went to the beach for the day!
We built sand castles complete with moats, jumped the waves and took a long beach walk...
just the two of us...
It was a precious time with him.
He had my undivided attention and we had the best day!!!
I started thinking...I may never have a beach day with just him again...kinda rare, so I enjoyed it!
We spent about 3 hours on the beach ~ he would have stayed all day!
We went to Souther Soul BBQ ~
hands down the BEST place to eat on the island!!!
We shared ribs and they were SO good!
As if ribs were not enough....
we also stopped by a cupcake place and got a cupcake!!!
And then...
He slept the whole 3 hours home.
I wore him out!!!
I love that boy so!

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