Monday, June 16, 2014

Camp Winshape Pick Up & Mountain Fun!

Mary Dalton had the BEST time at Winshape Camp this past week!!!
Going for 5 nights and not knowing anyone was VERY brave on her part...and we are SO proud of her for getting in there and making the most of it!
Each night, the camp would post pics on their page from the day ~
It was the highlight of my day to scroll through and try to catch a glimpse of my girl having the time of her life!
(this was her "sweet" minus 2)
She was placed in cooking, roller blading, and water games for her skills ~
You pick 6 and they place you in 3!
She LOVED the ones she was in!
LOVE this pic!!!
We left on Thursday afternoon and headed up to the mountains so we could be there Friday morning for ChicFila Family Fun Day!!!
Jackson had a good week enjoying LOTS of attention while he was gone, but he was ready to pick his side kick up, too!
I woke up EARLY Friday morning ready to get my hands on this girl!!!!
She was excited to see us ~ kinda....
She was MOST excited about seeing her Daddy!!!
I think he is the only one she missed!!!!
The parents joined in for the last devotion and the counselor gave them each awards for the week and passed out pins that they earned to wear on their necklaces.
"Happy" was so sweet! We loved her!
She even wrote us earlier in the week to let us know what skills MD was in and that she was having fun! (The parents whose child cried got a note saying their child was homesick, but at least she is honest!)
Mary Dalton said she missed us, but did not get homesick...imagine that! ;)
She was given the "Intentional Eagle" award ~ Happy said she made sure everyone was on time and where they needed to be, she was a good friend and helped with her room mate who was VERY homesick and pretty much cried everyday! Glad to know she was a sweet girl!
After "huddle time" we went to the last worship service with the girls and we were able to see some things that they did that week! This camp goes ALL OUT!! They even have songs on itunes! I cannot say enough good things about it! Both of mine are going back next year and will continue to go until they are too old! :)
We went to the fun day after worship ~
MD of course made a best friend ~ Sophia. She has lots of addressed to write all of her new friends!
We left camp and drove up to Blue Ridge, GA to spend the day!
(I think they missed each other!)
We rented a cabin for the weekend and had so much fun together!
Saturday we went tubing down the Chattahoochee River!
Saturday night, Dalton's cousin got married (near where we were staying) so we were able to be there! BEAUTIFUL wedding and reception!
Kinda made me sad...we will be planning a wedding before we know it!!!!
And this little girl ADORES her Daddy in case you haven't noticed!
Jackson danced with cousin Debbie and has got some moves!!!!
He was PRECIOUS dancing!!!
Sunday morning, Dalton cooked us an AMAZING breakfast and then we hiked  up to see Anna Ruby Falls ~ IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! This picture does not even show how massive and breath taking it is! (Notice that butterfly in front of my eye in the pic! ha!)
Both kids wanted to go "mining" and so we found a little place where they could mine for gems and fossils. This was RIGHT UP Jackson's alley! He LOVED this!
We had crab legs for lunch and snow cones for the ride home!!!
All that action wore this girl OUT!!!
It was a perfect weekend spent with my favorite people in the whole world!!!

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