Wednesday, June 11, 2014


In honor of Father's Day ~ I went back and found some OLD pics for the blog today!
According to the 3 of us ~ Dalton Dowdy is the best Daddy around...
No doubt!
(Top left MD, top right JD, bottom left MD)
He is FOR SURE the "fun" parent ~
Our kids ADORE him!
He works COUNTLESS hours not only in his law practice, but dealing with his rental properties, flipping houses, and other investing to be CERTAIN that we have what we need...and then some!
He is a big man, but so tender hearted where our two children are concerned.
He is so good about explaining different things to them, taking the time to listen to them...
to teach them.
EVERYBODY (including me!) wants to sit by Daddy when we go out to eat or at church!
He plans super fun trips for us and then acts like a kid again!
He tries to say "yes" when he can ~
Yes ~ you can stay up late.
Yes ~ we can ride the 4 wheeler.
Yes ~ I will tell you a story.
Yes ~ we can ride Small World 500 times in a row...
When he can...he says "yes"
He tells our children DAILY how much he loves them and how proud he is of them!
He is SO MUCH FUN....did I mention that already?!?!
He wrestles, chases kids through the house, has invented games like "Coyote" and "Tshirt monster" ~
He gives the best hugs and can make a bad day better!
Our children know that they can count on him to listen and help in any way he can.
He encourages them to do their best.
He prays with them and for them.
He is their biggest cheerleader.
If his work schedule allows it and they have an event...he is there.
He makes us a laugh.
A LOT!!!!
There is no better father for my two children. He isn't perfect...but he's perfect for us!
Happy Father's Day Dalton!!!
We love you SO SO much!!!

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