Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week 23 ~ #dailydowdypic

The weeks are FLYING by ~ and I would appreciate it VERY much if they could slow just a tad! Summer is going by way too fast!!!
Day 156 ~
We went to Augusta to do some shopping for Camp...
It's always interesting shopping with this nut!!!
Day 157 ~
Making popscicles the "old school" way!
Day 158  ~
Spent the day packing up Mary Dalton for a week at camp!
Day 159  ~
Dropped my baby girl off for her first camp experience!!!
no tears from either of us! ;)
Day 160 ~
Enjoyed some quality time with Jax while MD was away
Day 161  ~
Took these two nuts to Chuck E Cheese ~
obviously NOT my pick, but they had fun!
Day 162 ~
After 14 years of marriage, Dalton mentioned my initals are "ADT" when monogrammed....I didn't know that was the security system...I thought they were ATD ~ oh well!!! Blonde moment for sure!
I can't wait for Week 24 ~
We are getting my baby girl back!!!! :)

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