Saturday, July 5, 2014

Let Sickness....I mean Freedom....Ring ~

Our 4th was not one for the books to say the least! I call myself  "The Pillar of Health" ~ really...
I am RARELY sick...
but I started feeling achy on Thursday night and went downhill from there...I would have given ANYTHING if my mama would have walked in my bedroom about 3:30 a.m. on Friday morning with some Tylenol, cough drops, and Gaterade!!!
Thankfully the kids were not at home, so I got to lay around all day!
While I was at home in bed ~
they were having the time of their lives at the lake with The Chances!!!
They had the BEST time!!!
MD called it "Glamping" instead of camping because they had Diretc TV and internet in the camper!
She also loved the "Chicken and beans" they had with supper...
I could NOT figure out what she was talking about...
"PORK and Beans!"
Bless her ~ I don't cook or eat those...
We missed our annual BBQ with friends and the weather was AMAZING ~ only 82!!! This was my view for the 4th ~
I didn't even get in the pool!
I hate we missed the BBQ and even worse is we were supposed to go to TN for our sweet niece's first birthday party and that got scratched, too!!! I was scared to share these germs or get more worn down before mine and Dalton's anniversary trip this next week!
I gotta get well....FAST!!!
(and pray everyone else stays well!!!)

And just because I had no pics from this year's 4th of us in the pool ~
Here's a flashback to the sweetest 3 and 4 year olds you've ever seen!!!
The kids got home about 6 and were dying to go to the fireworks ~
I took a shower and put on my "big girl panties" and we went...
Mary Dalton was in no humor to be around us ~
She didn't like where we parked and none of her friends were there...
it's tough to be 9 sometimes. ;) 
When she was CERTAIN there was NOBODY there she could hang out with ~
she stayed with us...or her Daddy...

The fireworks were fun,  then we headed home ~
Slept in this morning and I took a nap around 2 ~
I NEVER ~ I repeat ~ NEVER take a nap!
If things don't vastly improve I will be at the Dr at 8 Monday morning!
I swear I ache like I am 100 years old!!!
Hoepfully I will feel better tomorrow and we can go to church since we have missed the past FIVE weeks due to traveling!!!
Gotta get well and get packed...
Big D and I have an EXCITING week ahead!!!!


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