Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This ~ ~ ~

And let say...Monday was a DAY...and then some...
no need to elaborate but let's just say...I went to the dr. and got a ton of medicine which included steroids (AND a steroid shot) so I was literally crawling out of my skin, we **thought** there was a squirrel in the attic...nope...rat...big enough it could have used a leash, figured out Jackson has mollescum AND I dropped my phone in the pool while watering my plants...and it's dead.
Great day at our house! ;)
Today was a new day and I was determined it was going to be a FUN and GOOD day! 5 days of living in the dumps, we needed some fun around here!!!
The kids had a lemonade stand and cupcake stand this morning at Dalton's office and made $40!!! They worked so hard and everyone in our town was SO sweet to stop by!!!
There are no pictures...because there is no phone!!!
We came home and the kids wanted to take "Crazy Air Jump" pictures...
We did.
 He is nut.
You never ever know what is going to come out of this mouth.
 Air jumps did not come naturally for Mary Dalton because....well....
she likes to pose and it just wasn't working!!!
 She mastered the pencil! ha!
We had a MUCH needed fun day and we had the best time playing and just being together!!!
I also can't not give a BIG HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to our sweet, Susan-Laine!!!
She has brought our family so much joy and we are so thankful to call her "ours!"
Bless her sweet heart ~
She has been played with, strolled, carried, had stickers stuck on her, diapers put on backwards, clothes changed, etc LOTS and LOTS by her two big cousins who adore her!!!

I am SO sad that we were not able to be there to celebrate with our sweet girl, but we want her to know that we love her SO SO SO much and can't wait to see her soon!!! 
We love you Susan-Laine!!!!


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