Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week 33 #dailydowdypic AND Lots-0-Random Junk ~

I am behind on my weekly picture post! Trying to get caught up!!!
Day 226 ~
While Jax was at football last Thursday night and we met The Millers for pizza at The Bistro!
Day 227 ~ It was Friday. It had been a LONG LONG LONG week.
Mama needed some ice cream.
Day 228 ~
Celebrated Mary Dalton's birthday!!!
Day 229 ~
So thankful we had some pool time!!!!
Day 230 ~
Celebrated Mary Dalton's bday supper at Wild Wings ~ her pick! :)
Day 231 ~
10 years ago today this sweet little thing made me a Mama.
Love her SO SO SO SO much!!!
Day 232 ~
Magazine sell time at our school! Sorry neighbors...the Dowdys are eyeing those magic thumbs and squirting pens for prizes! :)
And just some randomness because I don't have time for a seperate post...and it's just very "amber" to be random...
We got MD these PRECIOUS shoes for her birthday!
Seriously...these may be the cutest shoes she has ever owned....
LOVE them!!!
I have to brag on this cutie ~
We have never pushed sports on either of our kids. Academics will ALWAYS be the focus...end of story. We don't play rec sports but the kids are welcome to play with our school. Jackson is playing football and is having the BEST TIME. It is BEYOND hot and he has not complained once. He comes home and is SO excited to tell us about the plays he learned and who he hit...and who hit him! He said he got hit so hard last week he "flew through the air like a cartoon!" ha!!
His first game is Monday and he cannot wait!!! I am so proud of him for getting in there and learning the sport, having fun, and working so hard! He's a keeper I must say!!!
And ~
After cheer practice on Thursday I noticed MD was looking PALE! Another teacher took her temp and it was 102...oopppss!!!! We went right to the Dr. and she said she had a sinus infection...she can complained all week and has been congested...then as we were leaving she stops me and says...
"Amber! Her strep just came back positive! It's the first case at TJA I have seen this year!"
Well congratulations Mary Dalton!!!
You have always been an over-achiever! ;)
Anyway ~ she BEGGED me not to get the shot and since she would miss Friday anyway...and we had the weekend to "re-coop" we opted for the pill...
I had NO IDEA it would be a dang horse pill!!!
I honestly don't know if I could get this thing down! The brown is a motrin...the pink is her Rx she takes 2x daily....and does so like a PRO!!! (Thankfully!!!)
She is feeling much better but still not 100% ~ by tomorrow she should be good to go! :)
Since we were home on Friday and she didn't have fever when she woke up  ~ I REALLY needed to go get a part for our garage in Augusta ~ and she had some birthday we went to use her TJ Max gift card, Toys R Us, Target, and lunch at PF Chang...and yogurt! It was PERFECT! We were back home by 1! That would have taken ALL DAY on a Saturday in Augusta!!! And I hated not to share those germs! ;)
It turned out to be a super fun day with my sweet girl!
Enjoy your weekend!!!! If your's is like will go by WAY TOO FAST!!!

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