Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Football Game for Jackson ~

Last night was Jackson's first Jr Pro football game.
He has LOVED playing this year and he looks forward to 100 degree practices everyday...
which is something I will NEVER understand...but he LOVES...I mean LOVES football.
I guess I should add...it is TOTALLY NOT COOL for your mama to take pictures of you when you are on a football team...so I am scared my pics may be few and far between!!! BUT ~ I did get this cute one of him on the sidelines! That #6 is SO precious!!! I could eat him up!!!
There are over 20 boys on the team ~ 3rd to 5th grade ~ so he and two others are the youngest. I think he was disappointed he didn't play the ENTIRE game (like I guess he THOUGHT he would???) ~ he did get to go in for about 2-3 minutes and did a great job! He is a line backer and LOVES to tackle!
I am so proud of how hard he has worked and how much he has learned!!!
(and did I mention he is soooo cute in the pads?!?!?)
Mary Dalton has not been a fan of cheering up to this point ~ she still is not that fond of it, but did have fun at the game!
Love this pic of the 4th grade cheerleaders...and their bows!!!! :)
Two of the little girls at the game cheered behind the "big" girls ~ it was so precious! It seems liek yesterday MD was that little and dying to be "big!" We tried to remind her how important it is to be sweet to those little girls that are looking up to her!
After the game ~ we do what Dowdy's do best...eat!
We stopped by Hogie Joe's and had supper before heading home!
The kids LOVE playing outside while we wait on our food!
Super fun night ~ but we are 1 game in and this mama is WORN OUT!!!
I thought about documenting" a day in the life"  now that my kids are older...I swear I am busier now than when they were little...and I might be even MORE worn out!!! Is it awful to even mention that I have already thought only 6 more years til MD can run my taxi service for me?!?!  ;)
All jokes aside ~ we are beyond busy...but I am so thankful that my children are happy, healthy and have so many opportunities! :)

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