Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 34 ~ #dailydowdypic

Day 233 ~
Mary Dalton enjoyed birthday gifts in the mail ALL week last week!!!
Day 234 ~
This boy...
totally has my heart!
Day 235 ~
Pulling children are EXPERTS! :)
Day 236 ~
Nacho night in the den is our FAVORITE! We watched God's Not Dead and enjoyed some "down time" before our week got cranked up again!

Day 237  ~
Jackson had his first football game!
Day 238  ~
Mary Dalton & Marti Ann at dance with Miss Melonie ~
MD is CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY about her dance teacher! We love Miss Mel! :)
Day 239 ~
Gator attack in Daddy's law office!!!!
(I can't take them anywhere! ;) )
Enjoy your week!!!
I am SO excited about a LONG weekend!!!

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