Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day 2014....Too Much Fun!!!!

We had the BEST weekend!!! It was one of those weekends that I hate to see end!!! The kids left Friday to get an early start on a fun weekend at the coast!!! Whitney Sue went with them and the three of them had themselves a FINE time!!!
Dalton and I went to supper Friday night for an early birthday celebration! Saturday I went and ran errands in Augusta ALONE!!! It was so nice!!! I also picked up some cute new Halloween/fall decor and some things for our bathroom! I was home by lunch and was able to get all the laundry done and even lay out an hour before Dalton cooked steaks for the GA game....can you say PERFECT DAY?!?!

Dalton and I joined the rest of the clan at the coast Sunday morning! These kids were having a BLAST jumping off the high dive I to the river!

We got to spend some time with our precious Susan-Laine! We all four are crazy about this little girl!!!!

We got to catch up with The Davidos which is always fun!   They have two girls that are stunningly beautiful and so super sweet!  

We had a delicious supper at Amos' parents' restaurant ....Sunberry Crab Co! 

Jackson is VERY sweet on Whitney Sue...he loves the girl! He talked her into dancing with him! Ha! No joke...WS is a DOLL...we would adopt her if we could!!! She is such good friends with BOTH my kids!!! Love her!!!

We stopped at Souther Soul BBQ and these kids got down and dirty with some ribs!!!

Ha!!!! These chicks were SERIOUS!!!
Can you tell Uncle D is a weeeeee bit smitten?!?!

Jax tried for an hour to catch a fish but the tide nor fish would cooperate!!!

Sweet girls...

Last stop...the littlest church in America!!! 

Soooooo much fun!!!! Labor Day means summer is REALLY I plan to haul out the fall decor this weekend!!! :)

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