Thursday, September 4, 2014

#dailydowdypic Week # 35 ~

Day 240 ~
Jackson has perfected the art of breakfast "on the go" ~ the boy eat eat cereal while I drive 65 mph to school ~ talent!!!
Day 241 ~
The kids were gone so Dalton and I went to try a new place to eat ~ DELCIOUS ~ fun start to my 36th birthday weekend!!! :)
Day 242 ~ Kids gone, house clean, laundry done  means POOL TIME for MAMA!!!!
Day 243 ~ Pic at the bottom!!!
It got out of order and I could not fix it!!!
We went to the coast and had a delicious supper at Sunberry Crab Co!!!

Day 244 ~ Good Ole' BBQ ~ makes my heart smile!!! :)
Day 245 ~
Dalton showed up at school on my birthday to take me to lunch  ~
I heart that man...
he's a keeper!!!!
Day 246 ~
it may be September 3rd and 110 degrees outside but it is ALL sorts of fall INSIDE our house!!!
I hauled out all the fall d├ęcor last night!!! Pumpkin scents make me SO happy!!! LOVE!!!
And my out of order picture ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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