Monday, September 8, 2014

Oh Weekend How I Miss You Already!!!

This weird stage we are in right now makes us busier during the week rather than on the weekends!
This past weekend was so nice and's only Monday and with our crazy schedule this week I am already waiting on Friday at 3:00 pm to roll around again!!!
Our first home game for football was this past Friday ~ Jackson had the BEST time playing with his friends! Dalton worked the gate taking up money and I did my duty in the concession stand ~ It was a fun night for sure!
We went to Huddle House after the game and Jackson played "Jang-a" with the jelly and jam...
Wonderful table manners!!! ;)
Saturday morning the boys were up early and ready to dove hunt!!!
Hunting Season is here and in full swing ~ and I have two men that are THRILLED!!!
While they were gone I decided to tackle the gift/craft room ~
This is a random room in our upstairs that I use for wrapping gifts and crafts (if I ever did crafts...)
It was WAY unorganized so I spent about 3 hours redoing everything! I am ready for gift wrapping this season! :)
Saturday night we went to a friends' house for a dove supper ~ that I did not eat...but it was fun! :)
This little doll is in GA for the week and we are ALL SO excited!!!!
We love our Razz!!!
While we were home ~ Mary Dalton was in the mountains with Sooz, Sue-anna and Susan-Laine!
They took her on a shopping trip and she had the BEST time!!!
She has told us ALL about their fun!!!  She got some precious things for fall, too!
Super fun weekend for us all!!!
(can't wait for this next one!!!)

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