Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014~

I can't believe it's over....
seems like we were just putting out the decorations ~
Chrismtas 2014 was one of my favorites so far!
Christmas Eve night the kids slept in our room on a pallet...they've done this for the past 7 years and it's one of their favorite traditions!
MD said, "This just feels right....feels like Christmas" ~ sweet girl! The kids left our Elf a note and asked if they could play with him since Santa would take him back to the North Pole ~ Elfie agreed and was hauled around ALL DAY and had to be in 500 pictures with Jax on his ipad! I am sure he was HAPPY to get back with St Nick and get some rest! :)
They got up bright and early ~ a little before 6 and were dying to see what Santa brought!
Jax got his Gopro and MD got her cooking supplies!
It was a happy day!
MD was loving her personalized spirit jersey!
Jax also got a cool watermelon target that oozes when you hit it ~ we had a blast with this at the farm!
After Santa and presents at home ~ we headed over to Sooz and Big Daddy's house for more presents! Susan-Lane was too cute playing with all of her toys! We LOVE that girl!
MD got some fun AG things for her dolls, a beautiful necklace, and some cute clothes!
Jax got a life proof case for his ipad, some surprises...and a bird. Meet Max ~ he passesd away Christmas night, but we already have a replacement! I thought these things were supposed to live FOREVER ~ obviously not at our house!
After a LONG winter's nap ~ 2.5 hours to be exact...we headed out to the farm ~
We had their last surprise hidden there...we couldn't get them home because it was FLOODING Christmas Eve!
I thought these lockers would not only be fun, but be really good storage too! Hopefully we will get them home this week!
we enjoyed our time at the cabin like we always do ~
We played 500 games of Spot It, Connect 4, shot the new target with their new guns, and played football...
And this picture was snapped RIGHT before this tree came crashing down ~ just a little strawberry on Jax's back and otherwise no injuires! ;) It was HILARIOUS, too!
We took a walk to the waterfall ~
and then tried our luck at hunting ~ and we killed nothing but time ~ but it was fun!
We came home after lunch today and the cleaning frenzy started! EVERYTHING is put away and clean!!! I am having an "intervention" with Jackson in his room tomorrow and he is NOT looking forward to it! ;) ~ and after that ~ I hope to enjoy our week off!!! MD has come down with allergies/cold or something ~ she has had a low grade temp and just not feeling good. I gotta get the girl well so we can play this week! :)
It was a WONDERFUL Christmas spent with my best friends and our precious family ~ both immediate and extended! I am so blessed and thankful for this wonderful season!

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