Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas with Nana & Pawpaw ~

My two littles are on CLOU D NINE ~ And Razz was pretty jazzed too ~ Nana and Pawpaw are here for Christmas!!!
Total side not ~ My sweet mother in law surprised me with an early christmas gift ~ New bar stools for my new bar area! They are PERFECT and I LOVE them!!! I know we will enjoy having them in the kitchen!
They brought gifts from Aunt Tasha and her crew ~ seriously...my sister is a creative genius...and so thoughtful!!! Look at the wrapping! How precious?!?!
And sister was STOKED ~ a hermit crab cage and a gift card for a hermit crab she has named "Jingle"  :)
Jackson has been BEGGING for a pottery wheel for about 3 years and was thrilled to finally get one...he was not so thirlled when I told him he could not use it today!
After a few gifts ~ we headed to the kitchen to finish up some cooking and Razz had a popice...or two...but I really didn't count... ;) "the land of yes" is how I refer to my house where she is concerned...
Uncle D got home from work and got some sweet kisses from his sweet niece!
And then ~ more presents!!!
Nana got Razz a baby doll  and a cute dress and coat ~
Jackson may have the coolest grandpa ever ~ he made him a tomahawk ~ with real deer hide!
He LOVES it!!! What a gift he will always treasure!!!
Nana also bought them both a book ~
And there was money hiden throughout the book!!! I think these may be their favorite books EVER!
After lots-o-presents...Jax wanted to give MD what he bought for her ~ a case for her ipod...so sweet!
Razz was wayyyyy more entertained by the trash by any gift we had!
Jax opened his gift from MD ~ some lotion from BBW ~ a male kind! ha!
The boy LOVES to smell good so he was super appreciative and even gave her a hug...without me asking him to!
We enjoyed supper and then Nana helped me finish up some things for our brunch tomorrow! Tonight was so much fun! I feel like we have had Christmas already!

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