Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Enjoying our Break ~

We have had a COLD and RAINY few days...and more rain and possible storms are on the way!
When it rains and we are stuck inside...I eat!
My students treated me to LOTS of delicious homemade treats!!!
I have enjoyed reading, drinking coffee and just being HOME!
I am VERY excited about Dalton being off the rest of the week!!!
I LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail this time of year!
Ours was VERY untraditional ~ a selfie in the car...but that's us right now...
in the car...and on the "go" ~ it just seemed to work! :)
And the back had some of our highlights from the year!
The children have enjoyed Elfie being at our house! They left him a note and asked if they could play with him on Christmas Eve ~
His answer...
And they are SO excited!!!
We are expecting my parents to be here this afternoon and are expecting 75-100 of our friends to drop in tomorrow for our annual brunch...we which haven't done in 5 years!
We are so blessed and thankful for all that God has done for our family!
Merry Christmas!

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