Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dowdy Christmas Extravaganza

Saturday we had family Chirstmas! MD picked out her own outfit and accessories!
We had the best time with Razz! She's a load of Jax to tote...but he ADORES her and she calls for him no sweet!
Yep...we are all pretty crazy about her...
There were 12 children there for lunch...11 years and younger...they were all so sweet!
Even Uncle D will wear a bow for Razz!
We took the train over for the little ones to play two LOVED this when they were tiny...and MD still has fun on it!
We attempted to get a picture...not very successful! Ha! There were several toddlers on the floor! Two of Dalton's cousins are expecting babies in 2015 so I'm pretty sure next year won't be successful either! Ha!
After lunch, Jax slept for 3 hours...he's kinda congested and he sacked out! The girl cousins played dolls with md at our house. We went back to Sooz and Big's house that night for oysters! Md made a delicious brownie snowman cake! 
Yum!!! We ate...and ate...and ate....
Sooz and Big were the best they always are!
Love these two bow heads!
Selfie time with Razz!

Super fun day with the Dowdy Gang!!! We spent today gearing up for our brunch on Christmas Eve and nana and pawpaw's arrival on Tuesday!!! So much to be thankful for this season and everyday!

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