Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 7 #apictureadayin2015

Week 8 means one week closer to SPRING!!!
I am so ready for some warm weather!!!
Day 43 ~
Breakfast on the balcony before starting our fun day!
Day 44 ~
Library fun with Susan-Laine
Day 45 ~
Pegleg BBQ in Nashville, TN
Day 46 ~
I missed 2.5 days of work for our sick and had to call in Monday, too!
I am sure ALL teachers can relate but 99% of the time it is easier to go SICK than stay home! Last night I FINALLY got myself and the kids caught up from being out!
Day 47 ~
Day 48 ~ Another science fair in the books! Picky Parakeets turned out fun! :)
Day 49 ~
wind chills in the single digits and I am dreaming about our trip last July ~
What I would give to be there now....
I have to admit ~ my daily pics are getting harder and kids don't want their pics taken so I am not sure how much longer I will stick with my daily pic posts...but I LOVE seeing what we did each I am gonna have to see how it goes!
Wish me luck!

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