Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter Break Part II ~

We had a BIG surprise over our break I forgot to mention ~
our puppy was born!!!
One of these cuties will be named "Rebel" and we cannot WAIT to get our hands on him!!! I am fond of the 3rd on to the right of the dark brown...look at that FACE!!!
We enjoyed some much needed cabin and outdoor time on Sunday after church! These two went exploring and the waterfall was FULL due to all the rain we have had ~ they had SO much fun!
They BEGGED me to go with them ~ it was below 70 so I was FREEZING!!! I had on SIX layers of clothes and Dalton's boots ~ I was so big I could hardly move ~ of course they thought it "felt awesome!" burrrrr!!!
We went on a long walk back in the woods and followed the creek a good little way!
MD said, "I don't know how much you paid for this farm, but just to have my own waterfall is worth every penny!" :)
Monday morning we enjoyed being lazy at home! It was a beautiful day so we went to the park!
We had the whole park to ourselves!
Dalton was driving by to go to a will and stopped to see us for a few mins!
This SO makes me ready for summer!!!
Love us all being together at random times!
MD had dance Monday and I looked on Pinterest! I came across this room and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! This may be our inspiration when we officially "redo" MD's room in a few years! It's not "too much" to me ~ I love it!
Monday night I had the Star Student/Teacher banquet. This was such an honor to be named as this sweet girl's Star Teacher! Caitlin is not only SUPER smart, she's SO kind, sweet and a GREAT Christian girl!
And Tuesday ~ we went back to school ~ but it wasn't so bad!
We came home and made our first Hello Fresh meals! I cooked all 3 so we could try them all and eat leftovers tonight ~ there aren't leftovers! It was that good!
Basically, I go  online and pick 3 meals from the 6 they offer each week. They send EVERYTHING to my front door to prepare the meals in less than 30 mins! It was fun to cook outside of my comfort zone! :)
And in other news ~ I am sad to report that the back half of my 30's are about to do me in!!!!
I left school AGAIN today with fever of 102!
I tested positive for strep!
It's been TWENTY years since I had strep.
I got a shot and am hoping to feel well enough to go teach tomorrow...and of course am praying no one else picks it up!
I've spent the day in the bed sleeping and looking at pinterest ~ I better get well soon or I am going to have 500 "projects" pinned by tomorrow! :)

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