Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Camp Pics, Lemonade/Bake Sale & Fan Mail ~

I was SO SO SO thankful to see this picture about 12:30 a.m. Monday morning! I LOVE that the camp posts pics each night ~ they just post them around midnight so I wait up to "see" that Jackson appears to be happy and well! All of these were taken on Sunday after we dropped him off ~
Dalton and I both rested better knowing he was having a good time! :)
I can scan and pick him out in a crowd like a BOSS! ;)
It has been VERY strange to me with him being gone this week ~ MD is NEVER here, he is a homebody so without him around it is strange...but MD is LOVING being an "only child!"
Looks like he was living it up at worship, too!
I am so thankful that both of my two were able to have this opportunity this summer!
Fun times at Rec!
Back at the home front ~
Monday we spent at home ~ it was WONDERFUL!!!
I worked on tons of laundry and MD cooked for her bake sale! She even cleaned the kitchen and washed dishes! We made two of our Hello Fresh meals for lunch and then we hit the pool for the afternoon!
This morning, I had a meeting at the school, but before I left I took MD to Dalton's office and got her all set up for her bake sale and lemonade stand! She had the BEST time! She was so excited to have "real" customers!!! ha! It's also SUPER nice that she is old enough to handle all of this on her own ~ she ran the show while I was at school and while Dalton worked!
The sweet Sims family came by on their way to Augusta!
Sister made herself $60! She has BIG plans to spend that money tomorrow on our "Girl's Day!"
These pics were posted at midnight...this could also be the reason why I have had a headache for 3 days ~ I have been up for TWO WEEKS almost waiting to see pics of my kids at camp! I will be glad to have all the chicks back in the nest!!!
So...these were posted today, but were from Monday at camp ~
He's still smiling!!!
Making lots of memories!!!
And then this afternoon ~ as if making $60 wasn't a "great enough day" for Mary Dalton ~ this was posted on instagram ~ she sent Sarah Rice a fan letter last week and she posted it on instagram ~
MD hasn't stopped smiling!
The sweet note she wrote MD ~
So needless to say ~ Priss has been on Cloud 9 today! ha!
Mary Dalton enjoyed the WHOLE trampoline to herself while I slept off an AWFUL headache this afternoon ~ This is one reason why I ADORE my kids at these ages...SELF SUFFICIENT!!! Woohoo!!!
It's been a relaxing two days...and I am sure tomorrow will be lots-o-fun as MD's $60 burns a whole in her pocket!!! ;)

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