Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Fun with Mary Dalton & LOTS of Camp Pics!

I can't believe Jackson only has one more night at camp!!! We will leave tomorrow morning to go BACK to the mountains to pick him up! As much as I have loved having each child for a week alone while the other is at camp, it has been a lot of traveling to say the least!
Hopefully next year they will be on the same week! :)
We have enjoyed having some one on one time with Mary Dalton!
Tuesday night, we went out to eat and she requested that we take her somewhere where Dalton & I go without them ~ So we took her to Elements in Lyons, GA.
It's about an hour and thirty mins away from us, but we enjoyed the ride going and coming!
She REALLY wanted us to be dressed up! ha!
She picked out her dress and added the blue accessories ~ LOVE! :)
And this girl ~ ADORES her daddy!
I am pretty certain he feels the same way!
She was a DOLL at supper and we enjoyed her so much! She's growing up SOOOOO fast and she is just so much fun! I ADORE the little lady she is becoming!
She ordered a pasta dish and loved it ~ she then requested dessert...because duh!?!? It was a cookie and ice cream!!!
Be still my heart ~
I was EVER to so thankful Winshape posted pics at a reasonable hour ~ I have to SEE that Jackson had a good day before I can sleep!!! 11:12 p.m. picture posting for the WIN!!!
Looks like he got to swim!
Ahhhh...a SMILE!!! I can't wait to hear all about his week!!!
Wednesday was our "girl's day" in Augusta! This cutie had $60 she HAD to spend!!!
And if you think these earrings are something ~
WAIT til she sports her dangling rhinestone ones with matching necklace that she plans on wearing on the first day of school! ;)

We went to the Bath & Body Works sale, Starbucks,Target, Old Navy, the mall and to lunch!
While we were out shopping ~ Dalton sent me these pics!!
Letters from camp!!!
After lunch, we got pedicures which were LONG overdue for both of us!!
Dalton met us in Augusta for supper and it was the perfect way to end our fun day!
I TRIED very hard to wait up to see pics of Jax last night, but two weeks with my chicks being out the nest means two weeks of TERRIBLE sleep for me! I CRASHED last night! Dalton woke up around 4 this morning and I checked the site for pics ~
Winshape is SO smart to post pics for parents!!! I LOVE this feature!
The boys camp also sends a daily email about what they are doing for the day and that has been fun to read each morning, too!
4:22 a.m. ~ Yep!  I see a nap in my future today!!!
I have noticed two main things from camp pics  ~
1. These boys look HOT ~ like their shirts are wet hot.
2. I don't think 99% of them have brushed their hair ALL week...let's hope they are at least brushing their teeeth!!!
There have also been some pics of the food ~ either Jackson has learned not to be picky ~ or he will be STARVING when we pick up him! ha! MD said at her camp they had cereal at every meal in case you didn't erat/like what they were serving so I bet he has gotten TIGHT with some Lucky Charms this week! ha!
I really didn't meet anyone in his bunk ~ I do know that this little boy in the yellow shirt is in his room! It seems like he has been gone so much longer than Mary Dalton was for some reason!
We are excited to pick him up tomorrow and looking forward to a weekend at HOME!
I also found this pics from MD's camp last week ~
These would have posted around midnight last Thursday and we were leaving early on Friday to go get her so I didn't wait up to see them post! ;)
Today is MD's last day to the "only" child! We are going to work at the school this morning, then we are hopefully going to spend the afternoon in the pool! We will leave in the morning to go pick Jackson up and summer camp 2015 will be in the books!!!

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