Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week 24 ~ Half way through 2015 ~ #apictureadayin2015

HOW are we half way through the year!?!?
I saw there are only 20 Fridays til Christmas!!! CRAZY!!!
Week 24 was filled witih camp again!!!
Day 162 ~
We got our hands on this cute girl who had ANOTHER great year at camp!!!
Day 163 ~
Their favorite part of Blue Ridge was the hot tub!
Day 164 ~
Dropped Jax off for his first year at camp!
Day 165  ~
this doll cooked all day for a bake sale!
day 166 ~
Bake Sale at Daddy's law office was a HUGE success for her ~ It doesn't hur that she is super cute! ;)
Day 167 ~
Girl's Day with my favorite girl would NOT be complete without sushi!
Day 168...
Love seeing his pictures online this week while he was at camp!!!
Headed to pick Jax up today and looking forward to a weekend at home celebrating Dalton...our favorite father! 😄

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