Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wrapping up Winshape with Jax!

And that's a WRAP!!! Having two kids at two camps for two weeks will wear parents out ~ but it was so worth it!!! We were concerned about Jax ~ this was his first time at camp...I waited every night to see pics of him to "see" he was happy ~ and he looked like he was LOVING it ~ 
(these pics are from Thursday!) 

I told him to go ALL out ~ out all his "cards" on the, sing, play, join in, have a ball...and he did! 

It was SO strange without him being home! Mary Dalton is NEVER with us if she can help it ~ Jackson is always with us! He watches TV with us, sits with us, eats with us ~ so it was strange not having him around! 

This was his last night ~ The glow party...was he SUPER excited about this!!! 
We got there to get him at 12:30 and got a "hey" ~ he was more excited to see us than MD was the previous week...but he was still a little too cool for us ~ 
We learned REAL:Y fast that Jackson had made friends with ALL the  counselors ~ he knew them all by name and they were so sweet to him! 
This was "Chicken Bob" ~ Jax loved him! 
I did get a quick picture before we went to Family Fun Day! 
Glad to have this cutie back!!! 
His squad won
SQUAD WARS so he was super excited about this!!! 
And the biggest surprise was he was named Honor Camper ~ out of all the boys in his squad ~ about 30-40 boys! The leader described him as
"a leader, who was encouraging and never complained" ~ they said he gave 100% in everything he did! 
This made me SO SO SO happy!!!! 
What an honor!!!
And he was SHOCKED!!! He said, "Gosh...I really wasn't even that nice!" ha!!! 
And obviously he had a fun week ~ 20 mins into the ride home and he was OUT!!!! 
and slept until we got 10 mins from home!!! 
and these two cuties ~ spent the afternoon catching up...even though they SAY they didn't miss each other!!! 
They are both signed up to go again next year ~ 
If you are looking for a camp for your kids ~ they have camps for 1-12 grades! I can't say ONE bad thing about this camp! We are THRILLED and thankful that are children got to experience this awesome opportunity!!! 

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