Sunday, June 14, 2015

Camp Pick Up & Drop Off...

The past few days have been PACKED ~ We left Friday (in what I thought was early enough to arrive on time) to get MD ~ We realized about 30 mins before we were supposed to pick Mary Dalton up that we were still an hour away! I tried to call the camp and let her know ~ I had visions of her being the only one there without parents...crying. I was trying to be calm and Dalton was, too ~ When we arrived about 30 mins late, Dalton let me out and I practically RAN in her room and got a "hey" ~
Obvioulsy she was NOT bothered by us not being on time! :)
Needless to say, she was WAY more excited to see her Daddy when he walked in! :)
She LOVED Winshape again and thinks she wants to do the 2 week session next summer!
My friend Carmen said that kids who love camp are either:
a.) well adjusted
b.) have a maladjusted homelife ~
I am going with "a" ha!
We rented a GREAT cabin in Blue Ridge ~
After we got MD we headed to our cabin to get settled in and sister HAD to put on a cute outfit because she was OVER the camp style!
Saturday morning, we slept in and Dalton cooked us a big breakfast that was TO DIE for ~
We headed into town to look at some shops  ~
This girl LOVES herself some shopping!!!
We also found a cupcake place and they actually won cupcake wars TWICE ~ we understand why~ The cupcakes were SOOOOO good!!!
We looked in several antique stores...and even though these two SAY they didn't miss each other ~ they were pretty much stuck together like glue all weekend and LAUGHED about anything and everything!
They had THE best time playing in the hot tub at the cabin ~ The 3 of us decided we need to add a hot tub to the tomorrow! ;)
Dalton made sure he had his letter written to leave for Jackson at camp this week ~ he found the MOST lovely stationary in his truck ~ bank deposit slips! I could write a whole book on the items Dalton has written letters/notes on over the years!
This morning we slept in again ~ Praise the Lord!!!
Dalton cooked again and we had coffee with the best view around ~
We packed up and drove about 90 mins to drop Jackson in Cleveland, GA at his camp for the week!
We stopped and had lunch first and he was SO excited! I remember last year before we took MD that she was too nervous to eat ~ he ate like a champ!
We got there and got him all checked in and he met his counselor "Wetzle" ~ not sure about the nickname but it is what it is...
I have to say, the boys camp seemed VERY different from the girl's camp ~ no frills and fancy...just a dorm room and boys running around like a bunch of wild indians.
We helped him unpack and his counselor made his bed...we were only there about 10 mins and he was settled in.
The boys were in the common area for their floor so we walked out with him for all of 2 minutes...I think he realized he was stuck there for the week...he never cried...but I could tell he was unsure of the whole situation. He is not a "jump in and get busy" kinda kid...he is more of a "wait until I am comfortable" kinda kid. It BROKE my heart to leave him. Dalton wanted to call him over and pray with him before we left but I was scared I was LOSS it and then he would ~ so I vetoed that idea and gave him a kiss and hug and we left.
I know he will be fine ~ but I sure wish I KNEW 110% he was fine!
I worried about MD her first year, too ~ and there are FIRST graders at this camp...if they can go and survive ~ he can, too ~ Let's just pray I can! ;)
Mary Dalton is THRILLED about being the "only child" this week! She actually has NEVER been home alone for longer than 1 night without Jackson! She has LOTS of plans for the 2 of us this week!
It should be fun to have some special time with her, like we did with Jax last week!
We will leave Friday morning (again!) to go pick him up and then summer camp 2015 will be DONE!
On a serious note though ~ if you are reading this PLEASE say a prayer for my would make this mama feel better until pics are posted and I can SEE he is well and happy!!!

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