Thursday, June 11, 2015

Week 23 ~ #apictureadayin2015

Day 154 ~
Rebel picked frog legs for lunch over puppy chow ~ Gag!!!
Day 155 ~
Enough said.
Day 156 ~
CHEERS for Saturday!!!
(You know you have a good BFF when she shares her glue on nails with you! Thanks Whitney Sue!)
Day 157 ~
Dropped MD at camp for the week ~ This is her bunkmate, Molly.
Day 158 ~
A boy and his dog ~
Rebel listens to Jackson better than anyone else!
Day 159 ~
Air Strike fun
Day 160 ~
Since Jackson is the only child this week we have tried to do some "fun" things with just him....
yesterday he requested I take him hunting...ATM hunting ~ Anything That Moves.
It was WAYYYYY out of my comfort zone but we had a good time and I was only "too loud" once! :)  The child is a DEAD SHOT ~ nothing with 4 legs or wings stands a chance at our farm..
I have enjoyed some time with just Jackson this week ~ He got to pick where we've eaten (Logan's, Hogie Joes' were his picks!), got a bird book to id the dead birds he's shooting, have a friend over, go to Air Strike, pack for camp, hunt, swim, and have FULL control of the remote! It's been a fun week for us both! Next week while he is at camp, MD will be "ruling the roost" ~ I am sure that will look more like pedicures, sushi, and shopping! :)
Can't wait to get my hands on my girl and spend the weekend in the mountains before we drop Jax at camp on Sunday!!!

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