Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's flying by ~

Our week without MD is flying by ~ I swear the older I get the faster time flies!
Jax has enjoyed the "only child status" this week ~ lots of random trips to McDonald's for ice cream!
I am SO thankful Winshape posts pictures of the campers ~ they post HUNDREDS but I scroll through them all to catch a glimpse of MD ~

I could tell from these two pics she got 2 of the tracks she requested ~ rock climbing and gymnastics ~ she doesn't strike me as a rock climber but she REALLY wanted this for some reason ~I can't wait to hear how it went! ha!

Yesterday, I took Jackson and his friend Blake to Air Strike for the day ~
They had the BEST time!

Jackson even made it ALL the way across the tight rope ~ He broke his arm attempting this same task in his room when he was 5 so I was thankful that he came out injury free this go round! ;)

I am so thankful he has found a friend that he really enjoys and that they:
1. Get along.
2. Don't drive me to drinking (just kidding ~ sort of!)
3. Have fun!
They really had a good time and then came home and swam ~
They ended up at the tree house when a HUGE storm came and they waited it out there before we had to take Blake home so he could leave from vacation! It was a fun day for Jax!

Last night before bed I checked the cam page and saw MD was having a blast still!!
Looks like she's made some friends! :)

AND ~ she ALSO got cooking for a track ~ She RACKED up and got all 3 she wanted!!!

I know she's mine...but she is so dang precious! :)

This was from their "night life" last night ~ the theme was road trip ~

I am pretty sure the cute girl in the white tshirt is a "Sweetmate" but MD is in the back sporting her Ole Miss shirt representing The Promised Land of Mississippi! :)

We have had a fun week spending time with Jax but we can't wait to see her on Friday and hear all about her fun week!!!

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