Monday, June 8, 2015

MD is at Camp!

Well ~ the week Mary Dalton has been WAITING for is finally here! We took her to Winshape yesterday at Young Harris for the week! She was BEAMING she was so excited!
She also pointed out that Dalton and I were "embarrassing" and so we picked out outfits that lived up to her expectations! ha! She was DYING!!!! It was a GREAT joke and one I highly recommend ~ one of our finer parenting moments for sure! ;)
It's a HAUL up there ~ it took us about 3 hours or so and LOTS of mountains...I was so carsick I was thankful we finally arrived! Last year ~ we were there about 2 hours...we got her checked in, helped her unpack, went to the parent meeting ~ this year...we were there MAYBE 20 mins. We dropped off her letters and met her counselor and she sent us right on our way ~
She was NOT into posing for because remember ~ #wearenotcoolparents :)
Seriously ~ she grew up overnight....and I love the little lady she is becoming.
All the counselors have nicknames ~ MD's counselor is "Slingshot" ~ she seemed super sweet! She is rooming with 5 girls but she and "Molly" share a room and bathroom...
She literally shoved us out the door and that was that ~
I saw this picture on line today and I know she is alive, well and happy ~ And her hair looks good ~ she was worried about that! ha!
So excited for MD and the fun week ahead for her!!!

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