Friday, June 5, 2015

Wrapping Up a FUN Week!!!

Mary Dalton has had a BLAST at Summer in the Son this week! This is such an awesome ministry this church provides to the kids in our community! She has made some sweet new friends and had lots of fun! I "borrowed" these pictures off of the church's facebook page! :)
They have Bible study in tehe morning and a missions activity ~ then they play sick and twisted games...that I would enjoy watching but your NEVER participate ~
case and point ~
Sitting in ice water...
no thanks!
I had a HUGE surprise for MD after camp ~ One of her favorite reality show stars sent her a package.
Seriously. This girl must write ONE HECK of a fan letter because she has written to three "stars" and ALL 3 have responded and sent her treats in the mail ~ lucky girl!
Jackson went on a bird hunt yesterday and sorta accidently shot a mama bird...and her babies fell out of the nest, too...We now have two tiny nasty and freaky birds we are trying to nurse to health...
Never a dull moment...
Jackson scored at our new rental house when he found the game from the 80's
"Mousetrap" ~ I LOVED this game and he had the best time playing with it this week!
And of course ~ our week was made when we heard "Rudolph" playing and knew the snowcone truck was in our neighborhood ~ not sure why...but they play Christmas carols?!?! two are their best customers I am certain! ;)

Today is MD's last day of camp ~ She met a friend who is visiting her grandparents this week. She has talked about Mary Claire ALLLLL week and has herself a new pen pal ~ I LOVE that she uses snail mail ~ EVEYRYONE loves a card or note in the mail!

Jackson talked me into taking him to the farm this morning to metal detect ~ we went early so it wasn't too hot! He found some cool metal "junk" and was happy so we headed home just in time to eat lunch and pick MD up from camp!
Where she was apparently smelling Marti Ann's feet for a game ~ GROSS!!!!
All in the name of WINNING!!! ;)
Super fun and busy week ~ using this weekend to pack MD's last minute things and take her to Winshape Camps on Sunday!

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