Thursday, June 4, 2015

#apictureadayin2015 Week 22

This week has been a BUSY one for us!!! Both kids have been going to two different day camps, so Amber's Taxi Service has been in full operation! ;)
Day 147  ~
I spent a good portion of the day writing letters to leave at camp for the kids'! I can't trust snail mail, so the camp asks we leave the letters and they deliver them on the assinged days! Writing 12 notes took a LONG time...but it's done and so are their care packages! So excited for them!!!
Day 148 ~
This was the picture of shame for good, ole' Rebel ~ he got into EVERYTHING on this day...even swam in the pond, drank the water, puked...then ate his own vomit...he jumped on MD's poster she had been working on ALLLLL day and when she pushed him off, she accidently got green sharpie on his face. It was a bad  day to be Rebel.
Day 149 ~
Cutest pool girl I've ever seen!
Day 159 ~
Sunday brunch after church and a trip to Sam's with these three is always lots of fun!
Day 160 ~
Marti Ann has been staying with us this week so I can get her to and from Summer in the Son ~
These two have had the most fun! They are hilarious!
Day 161 ~
We had a pool full of friends and a fun night! Jackson had a friend over to spend the night and the 4 children played SO well together ~ fun night for sure!
Day 162 ~
If someone would have told me 15 years that on my 15 year anniversary I would be in bed by 8:23 I would have said they were lying ~ well...this was 8:23 on my 15th wedding anniversary ~ I think we are officially "old" ~ just waiting on Dalton to break out the solid white velcro Nikes and watching PBS ~
Jax finished camp yesterday and MD will be done tomorrow ~ we will take her to Winshape on Sunday! Exciting week ahead for her for sure!!!

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