Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up ~ Father's Day Edition! :)

It was HEAVENLY to all be home this weekend!!! We got Jax from camp on Friday and wen basically went straight to the cabin! We cooked out and slept in on Saturday ~ perfection!
I took Mary Dalton to a cooking class in Augusta on Saturday while the boys hung out at the farm...
We spent Saturday afternoon in the pool and I REALLY wanted to get some sun, but Rebel was ALL in my personal space!!! He really may be worse than the kids! ha!
Mary Dalton and I went to Dalton's office to watch the Miss GA pageant ~ several girls we knew were in the pageants and we were excited to watch! One of my former students was in the top 10 and a girl MD dances with won the teen division! Coffee from McDonald's made our fun night complete ~ along with MD dancing to EVERY song that came on! She was on a roll! ;)
During intermission I scrolled through a few more camp pics and found Jax with his cabin and squad!
Sunday morning we woke up to MD serving Dalton breakfast in bed! It's been a LONG time since everyone was in our bed...and they REALLY didn't want to pose for a picture but I took one anyway!
We got dressed and headed to church ~ we have an interim preacher and this was our first week to hear him...he was WONDERFUL!!! We are so excited to hear him preach the next few months until we find a pastor! Even MD and Jax could listen/follow him!
We ate lunch and then swam some more!
The kids LOVE it when Dalton swims!!!
We had the best time just being together!
I am so thankful for this Father!!! He is so good to our children (and me!) and we are truly blessed!!!
We are headed out to MS until next Monday ~ 8 days not being at home means I have had a TON of things to get in order/packed/cleaned/etc. but I think the kids and I are ready to roll out in the morning early!!
Should be a fun week ahead!!!

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