Wednesday, July 29, 2015

San Antonio Days 3&4

Sunday morning we had breakfast in the hotel and then headed out to tour Ripley's, the wax museum, and watch a 4d movie ~ on the way...Jax HAD to put his feet in the river!
I was SHOCKED he never "fell in" on accident while we were was KILLING him not to get in the River!
I guess I failed to mention that EVERYDAY while were in TX we went to The Longhorn Saloon!
We had lunch there on Friday, the boys toured it on Saturday, and we went back on Sunday!
Hmmmmm....see why Dalton was a fan?!?!
The museum there was so great, that the boys talked us into touring and it was one of our favorite things we did!!! They had cool hands on exhibits and experiments! We had a blast!
A little friendly skeet shooting game...
Playing in the Ames Room ~ my two thought this was SO cool!
We even managed to find a cell to hold them in for awhile!
After a tour and snack at the saloon, we went to Market Square. This was as close to visiting Mexico as you can get! I was a little nervous.. VERY crowded...and blondes stick out like a sore thumb...and throw a 6 foot 3 man in the mix...we were looking ALL sorts of out of place!
My kids LOVED this though!!! Dalton and I both weren't fans, BUT they got experience a VERY different culture and that was the goal of the visit!
More from the Longhorn Saloon ~
Jackson was LOVING this snake mount!
He had a rootbeer at the bar where Teddy Roosevelt gathered the Rough Riders...pretty cool!
We went back to the hotel to swim, rest and get ready for our last night!
We had reservations at The Tower of the Americas...
it was over 750 feet in the air and I was NOT excited...
the place also rotated...
Two of my not so favorite things...spinning and heights!!!
Everyone was so excited so upppppp we went!
And the view really was amazing!
The food was delicious and the company was the best!
Seriously ~ I had a moment when I saw this picture of my blue eyed babies...
they are SO not going to want to go ANYWHERE with us in a few years...I want to enjoy all the time I can with them!!!
And when we left...there were fountains...everywhere.
Mary Dalton was DYING to get in.
She said, "I am only going to be little once..."
And in she went!
This was a highlight for BOTH of them!
It's so much more fun to play in the water in your clothes! :)
After swimming (AGAIN!) at the hotel, we got showered and started packing up!
We got up Monday morning and head to the airport to come home!
We had an amazing time together  ~ lots of laughs, memories, and fun were had by all!
Can't wait for next summer!!! :)

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