Wednesday, July 29, 2015

San Antonio Days 1 & 2

Ahhhh...Long time, no blog!?!?
We got back Monday from our family vacation to San Antonio, TX!
We didn't tell the kids where we were going until I let it slip Thursday night! They both LOVE Texas for some reason and wanted to visit, so we thought this would be the perfect summer trip!
Not so perfect was my bright idea of a 6:30 a.m. flight ~ 4 a.m. came EARLY Friday morning, but we were excited so we jumped right on up and headed to Augusta to catch our first flight!
Look out Texas ~ here we come!!!
I snapped this picture across the airport ~ seriously...she ADORES him....
he's pretty crazy about her, too! ;)
And this my friends is a GIFT our son inherited...anytime, any place...
he can sleep!
After our flight from ATL to SAT we got a taxi and headed to River Walk!
We dropped our luggage off and went exploring ~ it was 11 a.m. there so we had the whole day ahead! This was outside of our hotel ~ Marriage Island. We saw several weddings take place during our 4 days there! We stayed at Hotel Contessa ~ this was not where I orignially wanted to stay but it worked out SO well! It was on the quiet end of River Walk and all the rooms were suites ~ 2 TVS in each room so we were able to "spread out" some!
We made our way to tour The Alamo ~ we waited about 30 mins to get in. The kids were able to see and feel the bullet holes, tour the grounds and look at the museum. It took us about an hour to see it all. We could have stayed longer, but everyone was hungry so we found our way to food fast!
I am glad we went on Friday because it was PACKED all weekend long!!!
We bought a 6 way pass to tour several "fun" museums/attractions downtown ~
We did the Ripley's Haunted Experience and made it to the first room and found the exit ~
We thought this was a "fun" thing....nope!
We got out.
We headed over to our next attraction which was a 4D laser ride. We did this a couple of times and all had fun!
We checked in the hotel around 4 and got settled in ~
the kids made their way to the hot tub!
We had dinner at a local place ~ and headed to bed EARLY ~ we were SO tired!!!
Saturday morning we woke up and headed for a tour of River Walk!
This was a boat tour and was about 45 mins. It was cool, breezy and VERY informative!
I think Jackson enjoyed tormenting the birds as much as the boat tour!
We ate lunch at a locally owned Mexican place ~
it was SOOOOOO good! It was some of the best Mexican I have ever eaten! We were able to eat right on River Walk which was fun, too!
We looked in several little stores and then the boys went to tour The Longhorn Saloon while Mary Dalton and I went to the mall ~ win, win! :)
We had supper at Little Rhine's ~ it was a very nice supper and the food was delicious! We didn't have a reservation but they sat us in the basement which was probably a good thing ~ Jackson was NOT impressed with the fancy smancy supper! ;)
After an early supper we went back to the hotel ~
The kids were DYING to work out ~
We let them play in the gym and swim before going to bed!
We had a GREAT view from our room and only one window...which made it PERFECT for sleeping in!

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