Thursday, July 23, 2015

We are LOVING Being at Home!!!

We have enjoyed being at home this week!!!
There is something to be said about still being in your pajamas at 1 pm and putting your swimsuit on as your clothes! Summer is almost over, but I am going to enjoy EVERY chance I get to be lazy because when school starts we will be WIDE OPEN!!!
We have spent LOTS of time in the pool this week!!!
Rebel is AWESOME at jumping in and retrieving!
Jackson has been busy perfecting the art of his new blow gun!
Seems that my pillows are perfect for target practice!
And I have spent my morning PACKING!!!
We are ALMOST ready for our family vacation!!!
The kids have NO IDEA where we are going!
We told them Colorado ~ but we lied!!!
We can't WAIT to tell them in the morning!!!
In the mean time we have lots of cleaning, dropping off pets, running errands, etc to do before we can leave!!!
Can't wait to make LOTS of memories!!!

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