Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Well ~ that 3 day weekend went FAST! We left Friday after school and headed to the coast!
We were super excited to get away...and even more excited that Susan-Laine was in town! :)
Nothing sweeter than Saturday morning snuggles with our girl...and Peppa Pig of course!
I think Razz liked having the "big girls" around, too!
Marti Ann went with us this trip ~ Jackson asked a friend but he already had plans with his family...next time, he gets to bring a friend along!

After breakfast and a golf cart ride Saturday morning, we went to the pool and Sooz made homemade ice cream! Fun times!

Saturday afternoon, Maria & Ryan picked us up in their boat and we rode into Darien ~ about an hour boat ride and had a DELICIOU supper! Our kids love Ryan & Maria so this was a big treat for them! :)

And I love Razz ~ she stuck with me on the trip over and we had lots of snacks and sang "Itsy Bisty Spider" LOTS!!!

They had a turtle pond there ~ this provided lots of entertainment!

Sunday morning we headed to St. Catherine Island for the day!
The boat ride over was pretty calm but the waves were ROUGH on the way back! It was fun though and the rain held off for us ALLLL weekend!

These two were dying to tube! It was Marti Ann's 1st time but she did great! It took her a little while to "warm up" to coast life/water, but by the end of the weekend she was ALL into it!

We made it back in time to jump off the dock a few times before we showered and headed back home late Sunday night!

It was a great way to spend our long weekend!
We are now counting down until our next break!!! :)

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