Wednesday, September 9, 2015

High School Classroom Tour ~ Science Lab

I NEVER plan ahead to "link up" on anyone's blog, but I ADORE Andrea's blog (and her classroom!) so I thought it would be fun to join in this week...and I can't WAIT to see other classrooms! :)
I teach Physical Science, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, and an Advanced Placement Psychology class ~ I also have 4 self study classes that I oversee...if you lost count..that is NINE total classes I am in charge of everyday in a 6 period day! Needless to say ~ I am busy! 
When I taught 5th grade I had a western theme and I wanted to keep a "theme" going, but knew high school students would not be I went with a hot pink and zebra theme because that's two of my favorite things! :) 

View from the front of the room ~ 
I have a HUGE room! It used to be the lunch room! 
The door that is opened is to the work area with sinks, storage, and dissecting tools...
I set up a coffee bar this year for my homeroom. It has worked out GREAT and my seniors enjoy this "treat!" 

This is the wall closest to the door ~ I have the emergency plans posted and this is also where the students turn in their work. All homework is due by 8 a.m. so they can stick it in the file super quick and get to their homeroom! I collect the folders at 8 ~ no homework at our school means a zero. We don't allow make up homework. Harsh, but they learn and adapt. It's really not an issue! 
I also have supplies that the students may need out here as well as Germ X and Kleenex. 
This is my "teaching corner" I have resource books, my file cabinet, and a table with a small work space here. I generally walk around as I teach, but this is where I am "stationed" during the lesson or tests. 
All these cute canvas paintings where given to me by my students! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! 
I also have pictures of the students out in my classroom ~ these are from labs we have done in class, field trips, parties at school ( high school students LOVE my Halloween party every year! ha!) and class pictures! I have extra supplies here, too. 
Looking back from this area is my desk and this loveseat that I brought in this year..
It looks pretty bad covered with a sheet, but the kids enjoy using it ~ I don't really have a set "rule" about the loveseat...just sit there if you want! I have one student who sits on it to test! 
Looking across to my desk ~ 
The streamers were left from my birthday party they gave me...and I loved them so much I plan on leaving them up! :)
You can't really see any (several have broken) but we also have a few models of elements hanging up, too! 
My favorite part of my classroom ~ 
My back wall! 
LOVE this verse and it is a constant reminder that what I do every day is the Lord's work. I am CERTAIN I am where I am supposed to be this year. 
My bulletin board ~ I HATE a bulletin board but saw this idea and LOVED it! It's a "Chemis-Tree" ~ The leaves have formulas and vocab words on them! 
My desk area...This is where I grade, do lesson planning, eat, and pretty much stay if I am not teaching! I have a few pics of my children and my Halloween sign that stays out all year, 
"You say I am a witch like that's a bad thing!" ;) 
Teaching is not for the faint of heart! I am challenged DAILY by my profession, but I also feel that teaching is my spiritual gift and I am thankful that I can use that gift everyday! 

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