Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thankful for a SHORT week!

I am so thankful that tomorrow is Thursday! I mean... a 4 day work week works GREAT for my schedule! ;)
Monday ~ Jackson and Dalton went dove hunting and Jax got his first bird!
He sure does love hunting...especially with his Daddy!
While they were gone, Mary Dalton & I did a grocery store run, cooked supper and got pedicures! Fun Monday for everyone! :)
Tuesday night ~ Dalton had a meeting in Louisville, Jackson had football in Thomson, and Mary Dalton had dance in Swainboro ~ so much for that relaxing Monday! AND ~ my drier is broken! I have laundry galore to see about ASAP!
Needless to say ~ no one had to sing me to sleep Tuesday night!

And this sweet pic was on my timehop today!
LOVE snaggle teeth, hair bows and smocked dresses!!!!

I think Mary Dalton is FINALLY caught up with her school work from being out sick last week ~
Both kids started church choir again this year after school (just another thing to add into our crazy week!) and will be in the Christmas play in December. Dalton is headed out of town for a legal conference and I am hoping to haul out the fall d├ęcor this weekend! :)

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