Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chicago Day Two

We woke up to MUCH colder temps on Friday morning...we bundled up and and headed out!!! 
We were cracking up at these birds!!! They were huddled around the fire! Pretty smart birds! ;) 
We headed to The Sears Tower...which is now The Willis Tower. 
It was HIGH to say the least! The wait wasn't too bad...we were in and up the tower in less than an hour! 
There was a glass ledge and you could walk out..YIKES!!! 
MD was shaking!!! 
I finally got her to stand alone for one quick picture! 
We took a cab to Navy Pier ~ most everything was closed for their winter season, but there was a cool smart car promo going on! The girls got to design their own shirt and sit in the smart car! 
We had a GREAT lunch at Harry Carry's ~ I had never heard of him...but obviously I am the only person who had no idea who he was! Anyway...the food was good and they had it decorated SO cute for Halloween!  
We looked in a few stores around the pier...and the girls found Pepa! We sent this pic to Susan-Laine! :) 
There was a GREAT indoor park/sitting area...we walked around and checked it out! 
We headed BACK out to check out some more sights and return to a few shops to pick up some things we were deciding to purchase! :) 
We were THRILLED Mary Dalton's camp suite mate, Elle, was in Chicago while we were there! Her mom messaged me and we were able to meet at The Cheesecake Factory and see her for a few mins! What a small world!!! 
After we ate, we walked and window shopped some more ~ then we took a GREAT carriage ride around the city! 
I really can't describe how pretty and clean this area is!!! We had a GREAT trip!!! I would recommend this over NYC any day!!! 
We ended the night with a swim before packing up and going to bed at midnight! 
We left our hotel at 4 am to catch our return flight home! We were back at home by lunch! 
This was HANDS DOWN the funnest trip I have been on to date...other than mine & Dalton's trip to Playa Mujeres! ;) It's a PERFECT weekend get away and I hope we make it a yearly tradition!!! 

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