Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Weekend Recap

After our fun weekend in Chicago we got home in time to take a quick nap, shower and then head to Jackson's teacher's wedding! 
These 3 girls had a GREAT time at the reception dancing the night away! 
So happy for sweet Miss Jessica!!! She was out all last week and this week ~ 
We are ready for her to be back! :) She was so sweet and even had a special seat for the class! The wedding was PACKED ~ there were people in the fellowship hall watching on a monitor, people standing, etc. so the fact that she gave them a seat was a PRECIOUS gesture on her part! :) 
Dalton opted to hunt and watch the UGA game so I had these 2 cuties as my dates! 
I was shocked, but even Jax showed off his moves on the dance floor!!! 
Jax took this picture of the groom's cake...and I am glad he did! It was SO life like!!! How amazing is that!?!? 
We got home late...and I slept until 10:45 Sunday morning...I have NEVER slept like that since the kids were born but I was beyond tired! We started laundry and headed to the cabin for the night! The boys hunted, Mary Dalton read, and I graded exams from Thursday on the soon-to-be new porch! 
We came home Monday and worked on cleaning up from our trip and enjoyed the beautiful weather!!! 
Mary Dalton went to dance Monday night and I went to the woods with these cuties!!! 
We didn't see a dang thing, but sure enjoyed our time! :) 
Fall Break was a BLAST!!! We are already counting down to Thanksgiving break!!! 

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