Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Chicago Day 1 ~ Girl's Trip!!!

We took a "Girl's Trip" this past weekend for a SUPER late birthday trip for Mary Dalton & Marti Ann! Dalton was SO sweet to let us go and do this! He offered to send the 3 of us and Julie paid her way and came with us! We had the BEST time!!! 
It was super fast, but soooo fun!
We got to ATL Wednesday at 7 ~ our flight left at 9:45. We had a half day Thursday (we skipped) and were off Friday so it worked out great! 
We flew Spirit ~ NOTHING is included in this flight other than your seat and oxygen...seriously. It's cheap but you have to pay for ANYTHING extra...MD opted for a cup of noodles...gross but she loves them! :) 
We got to the room about 11:30...it was WILD out our window...the Cubs had just won! 
We were up and ready to shop Thursday before the shops were even open! We walked ALL the way down the mile and made a mental list of all the shops we wanted to hit! 
The landscaping is SO pretty on the mile! It is the cleanest area or city I have ever been to. I felt VERY safe and EVERYONE was so nice!!! 
Of course we found our way to the AG store! 
It was supposed  to rain but the weather was PERFECT!!! 
We ate at DiGiorno's ~ I had heard there can be an hour plus wait...we went at 11:30 and walked right in...and HELLO DELICIOUS!!!!
Oh my word!!!!
We enjoyed the great lunch, the sites, and the great weather! 
These 2 never pass up an opportunity to pose! :) 
We made our way to Dylan's Candy Bar ~ we went to the one in NYC so these girls were DIALED in on Dylan's! 
We ended the night with supper at Rainforest which was less than fabulous...the service was awful, the food was cold and my plate was dirty...but that was the ONLY bad service/experience the whole trip so I call that a WIN! :) The girls enjoyed waiting for a table and played in the photo booth and gift shop! 
Passing time...
crazy girl! 
We came back and popped some popcorn and rested up for Day #2! 

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