Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Selfie Queen, Last of football and a Night at the Fair

I was scrolling through instagram and came across the kids' PE coach's account...
looks like MD gets her exercising done while playing on the coach's phone! ha! 
No wonder she loves "Miss" Susan, so ~ 
Suckers and a phone to take selfies with...
what more could a girl need or want at PE?!?! 
And there are TONS of posts...seems like she does one everyday! 
Her hashtag is #theonlyreasonilovepe
That girl...she is a mess! 
She loves a dang selfie...found this one on my phone...
I also found this PRECIOUS pic on my timehop! 
6 years ago  ~ Jackson and Mallie at the corn maze...
Last night we were BUSY!!! 
We had a half day of school which is always my favorite! We met Dalton and had lunch and then went home to pack for our girls' trip, get homework done, and relax before heading back to Jackson's last football game of the season! 
Big Daddy came to cheer him on and even brought his trusty binoculars so he didn't miss any action! ha! 
He played hard and had a great season...they didn't win many, but they learned a lot, had fun, and made lots of memories! 
LOVE this picture of Coach Rusty praying with them before the game...
That #6 sure is a cutie! :) 
Last game as 4th graders...
these 3 will be the "big men" on the field next year as 5th graders! 
After the game, we had a light supper and the 5th grade boys all got a windbreaker.
Fun way to end our season! 
We left there about 8 and went to the local fair...
it's a SMALL fair, but my children look forward to this EVERY YEAR and last night was the ONLY night we all 4 could go! We have NEVER missed a year since MD was we HAD to make an appearance! 
MD had some friends there and they had a fun time riding together! 
No one was there was no line. Jackson went from one ride to the next in record time...
we were there an hour or so and they rode all the rides several times each! 
It was after 10 when we got home so I was trying to hurry everyone to get a bath and get in bed...
I "thought" Mary Dalton was in bed and she comes in my room with a chocolate facial all over her face...
She said,
"I want my skin to look extra good for our trip!" 
Have mercy...
We are finishing up with school today ~ another half day ~ and then MD and I headed on a quick trip!
The boys are staying behind to hunt...and we all 3 are taking tomorrow off of school! Friday and Monday are fall break days so after 12 today ~ no more work for me until TUESDAY!!!! 
Happy Early Weekend! :) 

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