Friday, October 16, 2015

Jackson's FIRST Deer!!!

I'm Yesterday was a BIG DAY around our house! 
Jackson has been hunting since last Friday in hopes of bagging his first deer! The boys went hunting and spent the night at the cabin Wednesday night and hunted. They didn't see ANYTHING! They tried again Thursday morning ~ 
Here are my probably should be at school and I am certain one had LOTS of work to do...but the fact that the one with the "work" puts my baby first...makes me love him that much more...
Precious memories and time...we can't get this stuff back...
I texted them around 8:25 and they had not had any luck...
I got a call about 20 mins later from Jackson that he had killed his first deer! 

They brought it to the school so I could see it! I am not sure who was more excited...Dalton or Jackson!?!? 
Love these two....
We even got MD out of class to check out the kill...she was NOT impressed but I made her pose for a pic! My high school students came out and saw his deer, too ~ he was the "star of the show!" 
He went to Sooz's house and everyone got to see his deer...Razz was even excited! :) 
This was on facebook last night and we got the BIGGEST kick out of this!!! 
"How you know your kids are in the right school" 
Super fun "off" day for my favorite boy and I am sure there will be  more hunting  in his future! :) 

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