Saturday, October 17, 2015

Weeks 40 & 41 #apictureadayin2015

Better late than never! A flashback of our last two weeks! 
10/2...nana came to GA...and Jax appears to be nude! 😜 
10/3...being with my mama does my heart good...
10/4 Mary Dalton set up for 4h exhibit 
10/5 any Monday is better when a sweet friend brings you homemade cinnamon rolls!
10/6  Jackson's last football game!
10/7 We like BIG BOWS and we cannot lie.... #duh
10/8 HELLO Michigan Ave!!!
10/9 Willis Tower
10/10 This girl makes a fun wedding date!
10/11...there's nowhere I'd rather be
10/12...fall break was wonderful! We enjoyed every second!
10/13 oh had my heart at "GoGo" 
10/14...tree house time with my girl
10/15... Jackson's first deer!!!
WHERE has the month gone?!?! It's halfway over!! I know one thing...The Dowdys have had a great October so far! 😘

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