Friday, October 23, 2015

Week 42

This past week in pics ~ 
Saw this on facebook and LOVED it!!! 
Sooooo true!!! 
Saturday we went to a birthday party ~ 
Only a PRO can jump with a bow! :) 
Sunday ~ BIG D got a GREAT deer!!! 
Monday ~ 
I tried to make banana nut bread out of my cookbook called "Any Blonde Can Cook" and obviously...not ANY blonde...I dug out all the "goo" and ate the was good but ugly! 
Tuesday ~ yep...they still love to ride in the buggy!
The 11 year old may be a tad embarrassed but she loaded up! It had been a LONG day and they were tired! 
Wednesday ~ 
Jackson's class went to see School House Rock and have lunch! 
He said it was the best field trip ever! 
Thursday ~ 
Saw this and was dying...I am sooooo printing this for my classroom!!! 
We are looking forward to several fall festivals this coming up week!!!

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