Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cabin Sleepover

Last week after MD went to youth group (YES! Youth group!) We had an impromptu sleep over at the cabin!  You know summer is close when you can pull off a sleep over on a school night! 
These two...
Lord help us...
We got there around 7 and there was still some off they went!!! 
I still can't believe that this is ours. We are so blessed and I am so thankful we get to have just a little piece of God's beauty! I LOVE the beach...and I love to travel...but it's hard to beat this! 
Jackson and & Whitney saw some rabbits and they were gone in a flash to track them down! 
They had so much fun making smores...and Dalton & I enjoyed the fact that they can start the fire (or Jax can) and they don't need us out there anymore! ha! 
This boy ~ he can start a fire!!! 
And a good time was had by all ~ 
yes! Even Jackson! :) 
They FINALLY got in bed around 11 and I heard them giggling until after 1 a.m. ~ 
Some of my best memories are sleep overs...such a girl thing! So thankful for MD's sweet friends she can share these times with! 

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