Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Enduring Regret

This past SAturday night, I took the children and Whitney Sue to a program called Enduring Regret. I was SO tired and had no desire to get dressed and go, but I am so glad we went!!! 
They had 4 people share their stories of how they were changed by drinking and driving. 
One girl was 22 and had been in prison for 3 years for killing someone when she was 17. 
It was very moving to hear how these "good" people made one bad choice that changed the path of their life forever. 
There were about 300 people there and wouldn't you know Mary Dalton found her way on stage! ha! 
This guy has been on America's Got Talent as an illusionist ~ he picked her to help levitate the table! 
All 3 children talked about this event for DAYS! I am so glad that we went! 
I PRAY that they will never be faced with the situation of drinking and driving ~ but I am not so naive to believe that it won't happen. We have already started talking about this and what to do if it should occur. 
I would HIGHLY recommend googling this event and contacting them to come to your youth group, school,. etc. It was VERY moving!!! I am trying to book them for my high school students next year! 

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