Monday, May 16, 2016

Jackson's End of Year Party ~

Jackson's end of year party was last week.  His friend, Annie has it at her house every year and the kids LOVE it!!! Mary Dalton went with me to the party and she said, "Man!!! 4th grade knows how to throw a party!" 
And she wasn't kidding...with just 7 kids you wouldn't think that they would have a big party...but Annie's parents go ALL out!!! 
They had TONS of food ~ you name it...they had it! Parents helped with the food, but EVERY food you can think of was there...not even joking. They even had a snowcone station with one of my former students working it! :) 
Fun times! 
The 4th grade boys...all 3 of them! :) 
Mary Dalton was SO thankful I busted her out of the 5th grade! She is SO ready for summer!!! 
Jackson has had a great year in 4th grade! We are going to miss sweet Miss Jessica!!! 

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