Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Enjoying Some DOWN Time!

After two weeks of camps, a weekend in ATL, we were glad to be home for a few days!!! We have spent several nights at the cabin ~ waking up and coming home to get dressed! As you can see ~ Jackson just rides home in his underwear! ha! 
We made a quick stop by Dalton's office and he hopped right out in his drawers! :) 
We have had crazy cool weather and some of the most BEAUTIFUL sunsets this week!!! 
I got everything washed, folded, ironed, and put away ~ and some packed again for our next adventure! We are also in the middle of redoing both of the kids' rooms! DISASTER area upstairs!!! There is stuff EVERYWHERE!!! It's been fun picking out paint, new bedding, etc! I can't wait to see it when it is all done! Charlie is scrapping the ceilings ~ it is the BIGGEST mess EVER!!! I hope he's done with most the work by the time we get back home! 
Tuesday, we went and got our hair done...she looks SO grown!!!'s like she grew up overnight!!! 
She was DYING to go to dance and she promised to take it easy on her ankle, so off we went! She and Marti Ann haven't seen each other in almost 3 weeks ~ that's UNHEARD of around these parts ~ and they loved catching up, watching each other's dumber than dumb musicallys, and laughing nonstop! Girlfriends are SO important and I am SO thankful MD has two REALLY good ones!!! :) 
Well ~ we are leaving EARLY Thursday morning to head to MS!!! I always love to go, but hate to leave Dalton behind! We have lots of fun planned and the kids are so excited! We decided to drive the whole 10 hours in one day ~ we used to do it all the time but haven't in a LONG time ~ wish us luck!!! Prayers for safe travels, no car sickness, or flat tires please!!! :) 

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