Sunday, June 19, 2016

Camp Pick Up and Fun with the Palmers

Soooo...we arrive at Young Harris around 10:30 and go to MD's cabin. They were sharing what they learned that week and when she saw me, she mouthed, "I got hurt." I could see she was ok so I was thankful it wasn't serious! She stepped off the sidewalk and twisted her ankle. Poor girl missed her FAVORITE night of camp and was in the nurse's nook instead! :( 
She said, "Mama, I have never wanted you so bad in my whole life." 
And my heart melted. 
That sweet girl. I wish I could have been there to see about her, but I am so proud of how well she handled it! :) She is really growing up! 
(Her sweet-mates!)
This was MD's FAVORITE counselor this year  ~ "Tuck" 
She LOVED her! MD was awarded a button for one of her tracks ~ this just means the counselors felt like she was a leader! So proud of her! 
Her "sweet" also won Jr. Skocean Sweet of the Week ~ this means they lived out their club verse and motto all week long! She was PUMPED! They got another button ~ you wear these buttons on your lanyard and add to them each year! The girls LOVE this! :) 
We were not able to stay for her Family Fun Day because we had to get to Jackson's camp to pick him up! One last picture before heading to Cleveland, GA ~ about an hour away! 
This boy had himself a FINE TIME at camp  ~He earned the nickname "JD" and all the counselors loved him! He made so many new friends and tried new things and we are so proud of him!!! 
He said this year was better than last year, and he can't wait for next year!! 
HYDRO won the squad cup and Jackson was awarded TWO awards for two of his tracks ~ same thing as MD ~ just means he was the "model" camper in the tracks! 
Proud Mama of those two cuties...
We left Cleveland and went to Canton, GA to see The Palmers for the weekend! Kari was SO sweet and let me do ALL of the camp laundry at her house ~ it was SO nice to come home with clean laundry!!! 
Friday night we went out for Mexican and then we had a girl's day Saturday while the boys went to every hunting store in a 90 mile radius...
Lynley, Mary Dalton & Hanna 
These girls had a GREAT time shopping! MD was hobbling and doing her best to keep up! Her foot was killing her but she never complained once...she had money and needed to spend it ASAP! ;) 
Kari was a GRACIOUS hostess and spent her whole Saturday showing us Canton and Woodstock! We even had time for a movie! It was a fun day for sure! 
This was Mary Dalton's one goal ~ to stock up at the BBW sale! Since she has been gone for 2 weeks, she was DYING to get to this sale!! She spent $72, but SAVED $224! ;)
Checking out her loot ~ a little sprain won't keep this girl from shopping! 
Rhett and Dalton grilled steaks for us Saturday night ~ the weather was GREAT ~ almost like fall and we enjoyed time on the deck listening to music and catching up! 
The kids played and had the best time with their dog, Jake. 
We left around 9:30 Sunday morning and headed back to Wrens! We made a pit stop for pizza and to celebrate our FAVORITE FATHER!!! It was a fun weekend with some of my favorite people! :) 
We are working on a few projects around the house this week, swimming and getting ready for our trip to MS! 

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