Sunday, June 19, 2016

More of Winshape 2016

We are just getting back from picking the kids up from camp! We spent the weekend with the Palmers aftert pick up so we are WORN OUT!  I had to post the rest of the week's pics!!! 
I think these were from Tuesday night! 
Pictures post at 11 pm so I would drive down the road from the cabin (we stayed there all week!) to have enough service on my phone to stalk the pics until I saw one of my 2 kids! 
"Out of This World Party" ~ MD LOVED this counselor ~ she was with the Royalums, but told MD she wanted a picture of her with her cabin! 
More space fun ~ These people go ALLLLL out!!! I really can't say enough about how awesome this camp is!!! 
Wednesday ~ I think!!! 
He LOVES LOVES LOVES camp! Mary Dalton loves it, too ~ but Jackson REALLY loves it!!! 

Mary Dalton did not do good at getting in pics! I told her that when she saw the camera, to get in a picture so I could see her ~ She did not follow directions! ;) 
While she was gone, I saw this on instagram and KNEW she was going to stroke out! Her famous pen pal ~ Sarah Rice ~ from The Challenge, gave her a "shout out" on IG! She was DYING when she saw this when we picked her up!!! 
Thursday pics ~ 
this is rec day ~ the boys compete for the Squad Cup! 
Hydro won!!! 
Way to go boys!!! 
(They won last year, too!) 
A little glow in the dark fun for the last night!!! 
This was the ONLY picture from MD on Thursday ~ 
Sue-anna messaged me to see if I heard from her...she said she had her on her mind and was praying for her. I told her thank you and really did not think much about it until 11:25 when this was the ONLY picture of her ~ she LOVES Ultimate Rec and was not in one picture...I knew something was wrong. She was either a.) sick or b.) hurt. 

And then I had to try to sleep all night knowing something was wrong with my doll! :( 
We left EARLY Friday morning ~ 6:30 early to go pick them up...and I could not WAIT to get my hands on them...but especially her. 

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