Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pinterest Fun, Campaigning & SnowCones!

We spent ALL of Tuesday at home working on different projects! I painted 2 tables for my classroom and the kids each had a canvas that they painted...they turned out really cute! I need to take a pic of them! I hung ALL their canvases (which there are a LOT!) on the wall in their toy room ~ it turned out really fun! I think they like seeing their work displayed!
 I PROMISED them that if they would do a good job cleaning the toy room, their rooms, and help me around the house today that we would make snowcones! I really forgot about the snowcone maker! We have had it since Mary D. turned 3 and only used it once. I showed them how to work it and they have been burning that thing up ALL day!
 I had several pinterest projects I wanted to do ~ one being these PRECIOUS burlap door hangers that are selling for $30 to 45! I whipped this baby up for less than $8! I actually made 3 ~ 1 is not so cute and the other 2 are for home and my classroom door! I was pleased with them! They are really cute! :)
 We are still campaigning!!! We have had BBQs, forums, and LOTS of knocking on doors the past few days! Last night, Dalton went to a meeting and I went to dinner with some friends. I needed to get "out" for's amazing what a LITTLE time away will do for the womans' soul! ;)
Dalton & I are both so exhausted by the time we get the kids to bed, we are right behind them! I know he would be an OUTSTANDING Solicitor and he has worked his rearend OFF on this election! I am counting down the days until July 31st at 7 p.m. when it is officially over and I have my husband back! ;) The kids have been SUPER about going with us. It is BEYOND hot and they hang right in there with us being "charming" as MDD calls it!
Mary Dalton has dance practice today ~ Nationals are next week and she is SO excited! My sister is coming to town tomorrow and Jackson can't wait to go fishing with his cousin Zachary! Should be LOTS of fun for sure!!!

As if I am not busy enough, my V3 business is BUSY!!! I have lost 33 lbs on it and it is selling like CRAZY! I realized I had NOTHING to wear to work! When school got out, I was wearing 6's and had a few 8's that were big but workable. I went to the Limited and got 6 skirts, 2 dresses and 2 shirts for $145! I am back in a 4 and even bought 2 size 2's! I SWEAR by V3!!! I have not felt this good in a LONG time and am thankful for the energy it gives me...because as busy as we are...there is NO WAY I could keep going!!! 

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