Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School 2012

Today was our first day back to school!!!
We had to take our annual pic by the gate! I can't wait to compare them from past years!!!
 Mary Dalton is in 2nd grade and Jackson is in 1st grade!
 He made it VERY clear that he did not want his name on his backpack this year!
I tried to get him a new lunchbox and he said
"Why? I have one already." Typical man! ;)
 Of course MDD wanted the owl backpack AND matching lunchbox!
 I have said it 500 times, but I will say it again...I am SO BLESSED that I work/teach a few doors down from my children! I don't miss anything and I am there for everything!!! LOVE it!
 They both were super excited to be back! They went right to their rooms like we had never even been out for summer!
 Jackson was excited about having his own desk this year! They got a fish for their classroom and they voted on names today. His option "TJ" won! He was PUMPED about that!
 Miss Jillian is so sweet and young...and full of ideas!!!
I am BEYOND thrilled that she is teaching him this year!
 Mary Dalton has told me all about her day and she already loves Miss Debbie!!!
 What a BLESSING to know that my children are surrounded not only by teachers that truly love them, but teachers that are Christian examples for them!
 Jackson bought Livi a headband and made her a ring back in June! He finally got to give it to her today! He was pretty excited about it! ;)
Here's to an awesome school year!!! 

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